Rosa Mystica – A Successful but Unfinished Mission!

Source: FSSPX News

The volunteers have returned home exhausted but yet nostalgic ... Despite the fatigue of the trip, working conditions and life precarious and unexpected, they already fondle the idea of ​​going back to fight next year!

Funny holidays anyway for all those young and old who chose to participate in this mission by taking 10 days on their time off ... It was probably for them the opportunity to check the old saying that "souls generous ones take more pleasure to give than to receive "... But it is perhaps also a certain impression of fullness which, after a hard week of work, leads them to re-engage almost automatically.

It was indeed a week of intense work during which more than 500 patients were welcomed daily. 152 surgical procedures performed (80 last year), several hundred patients listed who, unable to be treated immediately in the framework of the Mission, will see their cases studied for possible future care. Coverage consists of additional examinations, specialized consultations, surgical interventions or long-term treatments, all done on site at the expense of ACIM Asia to the extent of its means.

The care of souls was no less fruitful. The Marian missions in the nearby "barangay", the morning masses attended by many patients that Father Tim Pfeiffer taught with ardor during his sermons in "visaya", the local dialect, catechism for children and adults During their long stay in the waiting room, all these works of spiritual mercy have certainly borne fruit. Witness the hundreds of commitments in the Militia of the Immaculate. These new Knights of the Immaculate will be followed, visited by the active members of the Militia, supported by spiritual messages that are regularly sent to them. Here too, the Mission continues! Two baptisms, several extreme unctions,

So thank you to all who supported it; thank you also to those who will continue to support it! She still needs your help and your generosity ... And your prayers too! All this will be returned to you a hundredfold because we all know, and the experience of this Mission is a tangible proof, that Our Lady, the Mystic Rose, is not stingy with her graces when we take care of these poor who are his beloved children.


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