Sacrilegious confessions and theft of consecrated hosts in the Holy City

Source: FSSPX News


The Osservatore Romano, in its January 27 edition, condemned the sacrilegious survey carried out by the Italian weekly L’Espresso. Priests were asked questions under the seal of confession by a bogus penitent-journalist. The Holy See daily paper called this survey “a disgusting, unworthy and disrespectful operation.” It is “offensive to the religious sentiments of millions of people.”

Between January 7 and 21, Riccardo Bocca, a journalist from L’Espresso, made false confessions in 24 Italian churches, in Turin, Milan, Naples, Palermo, and Rome in particular in the Lateran Basilica and at St Mary Major. Each time he reinvented himself, and recorded and transcribed his confessors’ answers.

In the opinion of the Osservatore Romano, the article is an “outrageous survey”, the seeking of an “ignoble scoop”, and an “incident of unheard of gravity, which goes beyond the limit imposed by professional deontology.” Indeed, L’Espresso thus “offended those who believe in the sacrament of penance which is not like any other conversation.” In this sense, the survey was “a sacrilegious act,” “a profanation” of the priestly ministry “which the unbeliever cannot understand,” but which he is nevertheless called to respect, said the Vatican daily.

On January 30, the diocese of Rome admitted to having been the victim of the “sacrilegious theft” of consecrated hosts in the church of Santa Maria del Soccorso. A communiqué expressed a “deep grief over the sacrilegious acts perpetrated against the Holy Eucharistic species kept within a place of worship.”

The auxiliary bishop for the Northern sector of the diocese of Rome, Bishop Enzo Dieci, celebrated a Mass in reparation, “as a sign of the veneration of the whole parish for the presence of Christ Jesus in the Eucharist.”

A note from the parish community of Santa Maria del Soccorso recalled that “the church is a place of worship which must be protected and defended especially when it has just been disrespectfully considered as a “supermarket” from which one can take what one pleases, especially consecrated hosts.”

The note also added that “the forced entry shows a disturbing increase in thefts of consecrated hosts and demonstrates the necessity to protect and keep more carefully places of worship such as churches, which are now being targeted in order to supply sects and groups connected with Satan worship.”