Secretary of State Files Civil Action in London Lawsuit

Source: FSSPX News

The Apostolic Palace: on the left, the Secretariat of State is located on the third floor

Cardinal Pietro Parolin gave a press conference while in Strasbourg for the 1,300th anniversary of the death of St. Odile. The journalists did not fail to question him about the trial, due to open on July 27, which concerns ten defendants in the so-called “London building” case.

The Secretary of State was present as the papal legate on this anniversary, on the occasion of which he celebrated a solemn mass in honor of the patroness of Alsace.

In the press conference that followed, Cardinal Parolin announced that the Secretariat of State had joined the trial as a civil party in which Cardinal Angelo Becciu, former deputy of the Secretariat of State, would appear.

The reason he gave was that his dicastery was a “victim.” He added that the decision to appear as a civil party had been approved by the Pope.

The high prelate explained that he had not yet read the documents made public. “Let’s hope it will be short, because many people have suffered,” was his wish.

Cautiously, he argued “it is possible that someone has behaved badly, and that he has committed acts that he should not have,” however, it will be “justice that will establish it.”

He reiterated that “as an institution we believe that we have been damaged by everything that has happened.” This is why “we must defend our position and our morality.”

He finally said he was ready to testify at trial if asked.

At one time suspected, not of complicity, but of a lack of vigilance, Cardinal Parolin seems to have to be exempted from any accusations, but neither should it be overlooked that becoming a civil party will allow the Secretary of State to dispose of all the documents of the trial.