Senegal: Imam declares his wish to make Rome "the capital of an Islamic empire".

Source: FSSPX News


The Senegalese imam, Abdel Kader Mamour Fall, expelled by the Italian authorities on November 18, and suspected of connivance with terrorist organizations, has paid homage to Ben Laden in an interview on Senegalese radio Walf FM: "He is a Muslim who has given all his money to defend the religion of Allah", adding that he himself lived for Islam and would die for it.

Mamour Fall, a member of the brotherhood of the Mourrides, has pointed out that his expulsion from Italy is linked to "his plan to make Rome the capital of an Islamic empire". "Young Italians are open to us and wait for us to speak. Many of them have converted to Islam, and are studying at Arab universities in the Gulf". When they have completed their studies, continued the Senegalese imam, they will return to their own country to serve the cause of Islam.

The Muslim preacher also addressed a message in Italian to his "disciples in Italy". This address, broadcasted by Walf FM, was of unparalleled violence. Among others, he referred to Prime Minister Sylvio Berlusconi and his government as "maffiosi and racists" who are leading their country "down the drain". They govern their country with "injustice and fight against Islam". On the other hand, he hailed the Italian people, who are "peace-loving and similar to the Senegalese people, for their sense of solidarity and their hospitality".

Mamour Fall, originally form the town of Kaolack, in central Senegal, was responsible for a Mosque on the outskirts of Turin. He has also established "a European Islamic center" at Carmagnola near Turin. He was expelled from Italy with an Algerian and six Moroccans, all "known for their proselytizing and their support for terrorist organizations of Islamic origin".