Seven Questions on the General Chapter (3)

Source: FSSPX News

How Does the Chapter Begin?

The members of the Chapter do not get started right away; they first gather at the foot of the Cross of Jesus Christ the High Priest for a 5-day retreat that will be their yearly retreat.

This retreat is also an opportunity for them to pray in the seminary vault where the Founder of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X lies and ask for his intercession for the work he founded.

As the Society’s Statutes stipulate, after the retreat and on the day the Chapter opens, July 11, 2018, the members will offer “the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to obtain divine assistance for the work of the General Chapter and especially the elections.”

The preparations for the election of the Superior General will then begin. During a preparatory meeting, the rules will be read, the participants will be called by name, and the oath will be taken.

Each member will receive a booklet containing the Chapter rules with the list of the participants: and all will be assigned to their places in the Chapter room, in order or precedence.

Coming next: The Chapter members take the oath and elect the Chapter officials.