Six Swiss Feminist Theologians Leave the Church Due to Pope Francis

Source: FSSPX News

In Switzerland, six female “Alemannic celebrities”, “theologians” and retired politicians, have decided to leave the Catholic Church together, with a joint letter published on November 19, 2018.

According to the Swiss press, they “waited for a long time for a sign of change in the institution in favor of women.” It never came… “We are leaving!” they wrote. 

“Pope Francis’ remarks are the final straw,” according to this letter signed by Anne-Marie Holenstein, former director of Lenten Action, the two feminist “theologians” Doris Strahm and Regula Strobel, and the former politicians Cécile Bühlmann, Ruth-Gaby Vermot and Monika Stocker.

They were referring to his sermon on October 10, 2018, on the theme of the Commandment “thou shalt not kill.” The Holy Father declared:

It is not right to 'do away with' a human being, however small, in order to solve a problem. It is like hiring a hit man to solve a problem.

For these pro-choice militants, the pope committed a “verbal faux pas”. But the worst in their opinion is that his words reflect “the position of the Catholic Church,” according to which abortion is a grave sin that must be punished by excommunication. They do not understand why “women in need are criminalized, while birth control is forbidden.” 

Their conclusion is that “the misogyny of the Church has become a system for centuries” and they denounce “the decisions taken by single churchmen over the bodies and sexuality of women.” But also, the Church’s “misanthropic sexual morality.” As “feminists” they no longer wish to participate in a “system” that “excludes women” and places the protection of an “exclusively masculine clergy” above all things.”

In an interview with the newspaper Le Temps, 70-year-old Monika Stocker lamented:

...certain things have not changed for women, who continue to be excluded from the priesthood for example. While the world is changing, the Church clings to her power structure.

The former town councilor from Zurich now prefers to devote herself to her political action in the movement “Grandmothers’ Revolutions.” 

The bishops of the two dioceses in question – Bale and Coire – Bishop Felix Gmür and Bishop Vitus Huonder, have not reacted publicly to this publicity stunt. The spokesman for the Swiss Bishops’ Conference (CES), Encarnation Berger-Lobato, did state that the bishops are “concerned” at the departure of these women, but that they do not wish to express themselves via the media. They prefer “direct dialogue with these women” in a “meeting.”