Slovakia: Audience of a tele reality broadcast in freefall

Source: FSSPX News


On December 22, a communiqué signed by Mgr. Jan Babjak, head of the Greek rite Catholics of Presov, Archbishop Nikolaj, head of the Orthodox church of the Czech territories and of Slovakia, and Bishop Igor Misina of the Lutheran Evangelical Church of the Augsburg confession, congratulated the faithful on the success of their appeals for protecting moral values. “We are expressing our gratitude to all those who have turned away from this third-rate culture presented in some of the media.”

 In fact, two reality television programs, “Big Brother” and “VyVoleni” (“All the elect”), which have been broadcast since mid 2005, encouraging sexual relations live on television, have provoked calls from religious leaders to refuse to watch these programs and to boycott the companies which advertised the broadcasts.

 In November, Slovakian papers reported that a leading company was withdrawing its advertisements after a 50% fall in audience figures due to pressure and criticism. “Perhaps it is a good thing to ask ourselves if we have not, all of us, contributed to the promotion of these pseudo values,” the religious leaders added in their joint declaration.