Slovenia: The population refuses "marriage" between persons of the same sex

Source: FSSPX News

A voter in the Slovenian Referendum, December 2015

The Slovenian people pronounced themselves against the law authorizing the union between two persons of the same sex, by a vote of 63%.

This news comes in a referendum of a popular initiative voted on December 20, 2015. The law had been voted in by a large majority of the center and left-wing deputies last March.

But thanks to 40,000 signatures, the right-wing opposition - with the support of the Slovenian bishops - had obtained a referendum on popular initiative, which immediately suspended the application of the parliament's vote.

Pope Francis, in his general audience on December 16, 2015, called on the Slovenian political leaders to "support the family, the reference structure for social life." He hailed the Slovenian pilgrims present that day and congratulated the Catholic Church of the country for "its commitment in favor of the family."

In 2012, 55% of the Slovenians had already voted no to "homosexual marriage" in a similar referendum. In the European Union, eleven countries authorize this type of "marriage", and eight - including Slovenia - allow a civil union.

The last "resisting" countries that still refuse a special status to same sex "couples" are Greece, Italy, Slovakia, Rumania, Poland, Hungary, Latvia, Bulgaria and Lithuania. No country from the ex-Communist block has yet legalized this unnatural "marriage".