Society of St. Pius X: The academic year begins for seminaries in the southern hemisphere

Source: FSSPX News

The seminary of La Reja, in Argentina.

The seminaries of the Society of St. Pius X in the southern hemisphere have begun classes again in this month of March, dedicated to St. Joseph, patron of the universal Church.

In Argentina, the Seminary of Our Lady Co-Redemptrix in La Reja is welcoming 11 new students in the humanities year (five Mexicans, four Argentineans, one Colombian, one Dominican), as well as seven seminarians in first year of spirituality: two Argentineans, two Mexicans, one Colombian, one Guatemalan, and one Paraguayan. Two postulant Brothers (one Argentinean and one Brazilian) have also knocked on the seminary door (it is also the location of a novitiate of the Brothers of the Society of St. Pius X.)

In Australia, the Seminary of the Holy Cross in Goulburn is receiving three students into the humanities year (one Australian, one Nigerian, and one Filipino), as well as four seminarians in first year of spirituality, one Australian, one Korean, one Indian, and one New Zealander.

In total for the academic year of 2016, in these two seminaries 51 young men are preparing for the priesthood, in addition to the 14 pre-seminarians in the humanities year.

Taken with the academic year that began in autumn 2015 for Flavigny (France), Winona (USA), and Zaitzkofen (Germany), the total number of seminarians entering the Society’s seminaries is 47 in first year.

(Source: FSSPX/MG – DICI no. 333, 25/03/16)