The Sovereign Pontiff defends the right to religious liberty

Source: FSSPX News


The pope defended the principle of religious liberty when receiving the new ambassador from the Republic of China (Taiwan), on January 30. He insisted on the importance of this liberty, which greatly contributes to the well-being of a society and promotes a “culture of peace”.

Liberty allows citizens of a nation to fully express their vocation, affirmed the Holy Father to the representative from Taiwan, Chou Seng Tou. Considering all religions on the same level, John-Paul II affirmed that the free practice of religion is a necessary condition for any advance in the liberty of a society.

Religions are an important component of the life and culture of a nation. They contribute greatly to the well-being of a society by offering a sure level of social order, tranquility, harmony, assistance to the weakest and most excluded, he continued. “By concentrating on the most profoundly human questions, religions also strongly contribute to the progress of society by promoting in a significant way the culture of peace, not only nationally but also internationally”.

John-Paul II emphasized that the Republic of China showed respect for the different religious traditions by recognizing the right of all to practice their own religion. He also paid homage to the charitable efforts of Taiwan in the international domain and particularly in countries on the path of development. Each year, in fact, Taiwan has donated an important financial contribution to the charitable projects of the Holy See.