Spain: Bill on homosexual “marriage”

Source: FSSPX News


Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo, president of the pontifical council for the family, has condemned the bill which would authorize homosexual “marriage” in Spain, aiming at authorization for adoption of children by “homoparental” couples.

In an interview given to Vatican Radio on October 7, the Colombian cardinal declared this bill to be “very sad thing, just as it is very sad that Northern European countries have taken this step, which is presented as a victory for modernity and democracy. It is in truth a veritable dehumanization.”

The prelate considers that the psychological tests carried out on children raised by homosexual couples, are not good enough: “A teacher or a psychologist knows perfectly well that the stability of a child is built with a father and a mother. It is an essential complementarity for his development and his psychology.”

On October 2, the Spanish Bishops Conference had declared that the bill presented the previous day by the Zapatero government was “a virus for the whole of society.” If this law reforming marriage and allowing the possibility of homosexuals to adopt children is passed, Spain would be the second country after Holland to thus transgress the natural law.

“I greatly hope that your personal commitment as that of the government, (…) with an eye to the modern development of Spain (…), will take into account the ethical values rooted in the religious and cultural tradition of the population,” John Paul II declared to José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, the then newly appointed Prime Minister of Spain, June 21, 2004. The pope also recalled the importance of the values of marriage, the family and life, in a Spain strongly marked by its Catholic heritage, when he received Jorge Dezcallar de Mazarredo, the new Spanish ambassador to the Holy See, on June 18. These thinly veiled criticisms made to the new Spanish government annoyed the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Miguel Angel Moratinos, who said: “We are going (to Rome) with the will to listen, but the Vatican must realize that there is a new government and that this government has positions, of course respect for the Catholic Church, but also very firm positions about questions on which the majority of Spanish citizens want to see change.”

Nevertheless, the moral situation of families is giving serious cause for concern in Spain. In fact, according to an official survey published in mid-September by El Mundo, more and more under age girls are becoming pregnant. Since 1995, their number has risen by 54%. And half of them resort to abortion. In the autonomous regions of Catalonia and Aragon, the abortion rate in minors is even as high as 60%.