Spain: The bishops support demonstration against same-sex marriage.

Source: FSSPX News


The Spanish Bishops Conference announced its "full adhesion" to the demonstration organized by the "Spanish Forum for the Family,” on June 18, against the law which would place on a par homosexual unions and marriage. In a note entitled "The family is important” dated June 9, the bishops consider the demonstration as "a just cause, and that this issue is of the utmost moral and social importance. It demands from the citizens, and especially from the Catholics, a clear and resolute response, using all of the legitimate means."

The bishops stress that the Bishops Conference has "already twice manifested its clear disagreement with the legislation being prepared,” for it would "lead to a complete corruption of marriage in our laws.” "This vital and irreplaceable institution for individuals and society would then cease to be the union of a man and a woman." – In like manner, every bishop expounded the Catholic doctrine on this issue in his own diocese.