Spain : Catholics demonstrate against Socialist government

Source: FSSPX News


The Catholic Church has called on the people of Spain to demonstrate in the streets against the policies of the new Socialist Prime Minister José Luis Zapatero. “A large demonstration will take place in December in Madrid, at the request of all the dioceses, movements and Christian groups,” wrote the archbishop of Alcala de Henares. Information campaigns, as well as petitions will also be organized by diocesan and parish networks, the British daily The Guardian reported.

The objective is to combat the reforms planned by the new government of José Luis Zapatero, who was elected last March. Catholics have criticized, in particular, measures intended to permit the lawful union of homosexuals, to facilitate abortions and divorce, or even to make religious education in schools, no longer obligatory. Other measures opposed by the Church authorities concern the possibility for other religions to benefit from privileges, which, up to now, have been granted exclusively to the Catholic Church.

The Catholic hierarchy had already called for a vote against the “secular” parties, such as the Socialist party of José Luis Zapatero, during the general election of last March. During the elections, the Catholics manifested their desire to “promote in the streets, the Christian view on questions which interest public opinion.” At the time there was some sparring between the Church authorities and the representatives of the State, the latter accusing the former of excessive interference. In June 2004, the Vatican expressed its concern about the reforms of the Spanish government. However, the Holy See recently affirmed that it did not intend to get involved in political or electoral affairs.