Spain: Declarations of the bishops on the “law on assisted reproduction”

Source: FSSPX News


At the close of its 86th plenary meeting, the Spanish bishop’s conference published a document entitled: “Some directives on illicit artificial human reproduction and on the unjust practices that will be authorized by Spanish law”.

The bishops recall that “children are not products, but they are procreated”. Procreation, which is the fruit of a personal and not merely instrumental relationship, they added, “is in conformity with the personal dignity of the child procreated, which comes into the world as a gift accorded by the mutual gift of the parents, and not as a product obtained by the instrumental domination of techniques”. In addition, they added, “the instrumental production of human beings favors a mentality that makes children into things” with the creation of numerous superfluous embryos and the way in which they will be used.

The embryo, the bishops declare, demands respect due to the human person because it is neither a thing nor a chain of living cells, but indeed the first stage in the existence of a human being. And the term pre-embryo, which in the legislative texts designates the embryo less than fourteen days old, has no scientific or philosophical basis; it is a “legal ruse”.

Moreover, the law “places no effective limit on the production of embryos in laboratories, nor any condition for their use as research material”. It does not forbid “trafficking in pre-embryos” nor “using them for cosmetic ends or the like”. Thus, the bishops note, this law “legalizes new forms of eugenic practice, for it authorizes this procedure for therapeutic ends by third parties”.

In conclusion the bishops reaffirm the opposition of the Catholic Church to all these “illicit” practices.