Spain: disturbing survey on young people and the Church

Source: FSSPX News


But this survey also shows that young people are moving away from the Church. The results of this study have caused much controversy in Spain, on the degree of participation of young people in the life of the Church. 12.3% said they assisted at Sunday Mass and 10% said that the Church offers ideas and values to give one’s life a sense of direction. Only 2.8% consider themselves “good Catholics”.

The survey brings to light in these young people a “universal religious silence” which is only interrrupted by the papal visits or the scandals, which are currently shaking the Church. “The spiritual climate is hardly stimulating and favors the proliferation of religious indifference” and “the family fulfils less and less its function of transmitting religious values, even if the influence of parents is more important than that of friends.”

To the Institute of Social Sciences at Valencia, who criticized this survey, the authors responded simply: “There exists a minority of young Catholics who are serious and who are committed”, and “The young have a rather positive image of priests, monks and nuns.”