Spain : “Feast of the Christian Family” in Madrid

Source: FSSPX News


The family, “in the Catholic traditional sense must be supported, said Cardinal Antonio Maria Rouco Varela, the archbishop of Madrid, in a message of introduction for the event organized for December 30. “We are living submerged in a complex society, where this secular culture would like to organize society as if God did not exist. We find ourselves faced with a weakening of the Christian identity which also affects the family. Faith cannot be reduced to a private experience, outside of family life”, pointed out the communiqué, issued on this occasion by the Spanish Bishops’ Conference. More than one and a half million participants were expected at this Feast of the Christian Family which took place in the Plaza Colon, in the center of the capital.

 Sunday Mass was celebrated by cardinal Rouco Varela at 11:00 am. Then, at the Angelus, the pope addressed the people of Madrid from the balcony of the Vatican apartments, which was transmitted on a large screen in Madrid : “I greet the participants of this Meeting of Families which is taking place on this Sunday in Madrid, as well as the Cardinals, Bishops and Priests who accompany them. In considering the mystery of the Son of God, who came into the world surrounded by the affection of Mary and Joseph, I invite Christian families to experience*? the loving presence of Our Lord in their lives. I encourage them to take inspiration from Christ’s love for mankind, and to give witness to the world of the beauty of human love, marriage and the family. The latter, founded on the indissoluble union between a man and a woman, constitutes a privileged environment in which human life is welcomed and protected, from its beginning until its natural end. This is why parents have the right and the fundamental duty to bring up their children in the faith and with the values which give dignity to human existence.”

 During the meeting, criticisms of the government of José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero were voiced. The government “was shaking the foundations of the family with its iniquitous and unjust laws”, protested Mgr. Antonio Canizares, archbishop of Toledo. Cardinal Antonio Maria Rouco Varela stated that the judicial order was in the process of reversal with regard to the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man. “The culture of radical secularism is a deception which leads only to despair, by way of abortion, ‘quick-divorce’ and the ideologies which attempt to manipulate the education of young people. We are heading for the dissolution of democracy” declared Mgr. Agustin Garcia-Gasco, the archbishop of Valencia. (Sources : Radio Vatican/ Pais)