Spain: Members of Parliament in “State of Public Sin”

Source: FSSPX News

On November 11, Bishop Juan Antonio Martinez Camino, General Secretary of the Spanish Bishops’ Conference (CEE) and auxiliary bishop of Madrid spoke about the bill decriminalization abortion during a press conference-breakfast. This bill, adopted by the Council of Ministers, last September 25, grants to women the right to interrupt their pregnancy up to the 14th week, without any restriction, and authorize teenagers of 16 and above to abort without parental consent. Presently examined by the parliament, the bill would thus amended the present legislation, dating back to 1985, and which authorizes abortion in case of a pregnancy consequent to a rape, up to the 12th week, and up to the 22nd week in case of fetal malformation, or up to the end in case of physical or psychological risk for the woman.
The Spanish Catholic Church strongly opposes the bill from the socialist government of Jose Luis Zapatero, against which hundreds of thousand of Catholics have demonstrated in the streets of Madrid on October 17. The Spanish members of parliament who will vote in favor of the bill liberalizing abortion will be objectively is a state of public sin and will no longer be allowed to receive communion, Bishop Camino declared. “Excommunication is foreseen in the Code of Canon Law for those who actively cooperate to the performance of an abortion.” Catholics cannot approve this bill. “He who declares it legitimate to take away the life of an innocent human being at a given time is in contradiction with the divine and Catholic Faith.” (DICI n° 206- 12/17/2009 – Sources: apic/afp/ap)