Spain: The Statue of the Virgin of Lepanto Has Been Found

Source: FSSPX News

The bulletin Correspondance Européenne announced in its February 28, 2012 edition (#247) that the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary present at the battle of Lepanto has been found.

“The statue of the Blessed Virgin that was on board the royal Galley commanded by Don Juan of Austria, King Philip II of Spain’s half-brother, during the battle of Lepanto, has been found.  While Pope Pius V was back in Rome praying for the victory of the Christians, the fleet’s flagship took on the Turkish galley of the commander of the Ottoman forces, Ali Pacha, who was decapitated shortly afterwards.  The victory of the Holy League stopped the progress of the Muslim assaults in Europe, without putting an end to the coastal attacks and the capture of slaves.

“This victory won on October 7, 1571, is celebrated every year on the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.  The Virgin of the Rosary had been offered to Don Juan of Austria by the Venetians.  The statue of the Mother of God was brought back to Spain after this great military feat over which she had presided, and Don Juan of Austria bequeathed it at his death in 1578, to the Confraternity of the Galleys in the Church of St. John Lateran at the Port de Santa María in Cadix.  In 1854, the statue was transferred to the Academy of the Marine Guards’ Midshipmen’s College in San Fernando, the ancestor of the Spanish Naval School.  It was then passed from hand to hand and its traces were lost.  It has recently been returned to the Naval Museum of Madrid where it will be restored, then exposed to the public.  Although the statue has lost one eye, it has preserved all its supernatural presence.”  (source: CE – DICI#251, March 9, 2012)