Spain: Upsurge in the numbers of divorces

Source: FSSPX News


The Institute of Family Policy (IPF) has made a study on the rupture of matrimonial unions since the adoption of the new divorce law in July 2005. The report say there were 163,444 ruptures in this first year of the application of the new law.

 The IPF is a Spanish non-profit making association, whose aim is to promote and favor the institution of the family. Eduardo Hertfelder, its president, has stated that “the new law has caused an explosion in the number of marriage breakdowns, by eliminating “the waiting period provided for the separation and the obligation of a bilateral decision.”

 Thus under the previous law, it was noted that 20% of couples were reconciled during the period given for reflection. “This new quick divorce law does not offer the possibility of a reconciliation, it provokes a definitive rupture and increases antagonism,” he said.

 Since the decision of one of the spouses is sufficient to obtain a divorce, he went on, latent conflict rapidly becomes a definitive split. This is why the number of divorces has greatly exceeded that of separation.

 “The new law has been passed in order to speed up the processing of each case, but acceleration is one thing, it is quite another thing to create mechanisms which bring about a greater number of divorces,” said Eduardo Hertfelder.

 In the face of this situation, the IPF is making various proposals including the qualifying of the law of extension of divorce of 2005, the launch of a national plan aimed at young married couples, the setting up of centers for family orientation, the adoption of an integral plan of support for the family 2007-2010, and the drawing up of a guide book to help the family.