Spanish Court Confirms Sentence for Abortion Militants who Profaned Mallorca Church

Source: FSSPX News

The Spanish Supreme Court has confirmed the one-year prison sentence inflicted on the pro-abortion militants who disturbed a Mass in the Balearic Islands.


St. Michael in Palma de Mallorca was the scene of a desecration on February 12, 2014: about thirty pro-abortion militants – including the six defendants who appeared in court – interrupted Mass by chanting several slogans for free abortion in the middle of the sanctuary.

The court rejected the defense, which tried to argue their “right” to free expression. On the contrary, the goal of “their behavior was to disturb a religious service in a clearly perceptible fashion, which constitutes an infraction against freedom of religion,” said the judges of the highest Spanish court.

None of the defendants, however, will actually end up behind bars since in Spain, all sentences of less than two years are automatically transformed into community service.