The speech to the Muslims

Source: FSSPX News


In the speech addressed by the pope to the Jewish community, the modifications are almost non-existent. On the contrary, in the speech to the Muslim representatives, we can find several additions which express the nuances that the Sovereign Pontiff meant to meant to give to the official text. Thus he addressed himself to his "dear and esteemed Muslim friends" all through the speech, and not simply to his "dear Muslim friends".

Speaking of the crimes of terrorism, the pope insisted on the necessary unity of opinions between Catholics and Muslims in order to fight against this violence. "I know that many of you have firmly rejected, also publicly, in particular any connection between your faith and terrorism and have condemned it. I am grateful to you for this, for it contributes to the climate of trust that we need." […]

Those who instigate and plan these attacks evidently wish to poison our relations and destroy trust" […]Thanks be to God, we agree on the fact that terrorism of any kind is a perverse and cruel choice which shows contempt for the sacred right to life and undermines the very foundations of all civil coexistence. If together we can succeed in eliminating from hearts any trace of rancor,…, we will turn back together the wave of cruel fanaticism…"

Concerning the conciliar declaration Nostra Ætate, the pope did add the following: " For us, these words of the Second Vatican Council remain the Magna Carta of the dialogue with you, dear Muslim friends, and I am glad that you have spoken to us in the same spirit and have confirmed these intentions."