SSPX Announces Additions and Improvements to Online Ordo

Source: District of the USA

A continual work in progress, the online ordo now contains commonly used blessings, and short forms of rites for priests to use at a moment's notice.

The online ordo released just over than a week ago has already been used tens of thousands of times. The concept behind its development - that priests often need reliable information at their fingertips - has resonated with many.

Blessings and Rites Now Included

With this idea in mind, the U.S. District of the Society of Saint Pius X has continued developing and refining the ordo. Now, the most common blessings are available. This offers the priest an ability to pull up the text for the most common blessings at any place or time. With the same feature also come the ‘Formulae Brevissimae’ featuring the short form of Baptism, Viaticum, Extreme Unction, Apostolic Blessing, and General absolution for those who are in danger of death. 

Additionally, the design has been refined for a more cohesive, consistent display.

Save the Ordo to Your Home Screen

While this is - in reality - a website, it can be added the home screen of phones and mobile devices so that it can function like any other app. Simply bookmark the following link, which will always pull up the current day's ordo: 

Further developments and refinements will continue, and comments and suggestions are always welcome.