St. Bernard Novitiate Continues Work and Growth in the Philippines

Source: FSSPX News

St. Bernard Novitiate in Iloilo, on Panay Island in the heart of the Philippine archipelago, is building its church, as reported in this update from Asia.

The pace of the construction whichbegan in 2012 follows the donations received. Although the church was consecrated on May 13, 2017, the construction is ongoing. Fr. Daniels, the superior of the novitiate, gave an update in his latest newsletter.

Since I last wrote you, we are still, as always, continuing with the Church, albeit, much much slower than before. We have had to reduce our work force to the minimum because of the lack of funds. The Brothers however continue as before, on the artwork of the Church. The tiling on the main floor as well as the entrance is now quasi complete. As you can see from the picture below, the window and entrance arches still display their white undercoat. Their colour will eventually match the upper windows.


In the meantime, the essential work of forming young men to the religious life, as Brothers, and also for preparing some for the priesthood continues. We have now seven of our candidates in the Holy Cross seminary, Australia. Here, in St. Bernard, we have 5 professed Brothers, 2 Novices to take their first vows on the feast of St. Michael (29 September) and another nine men lining up for the religious life or the priesthood. Amongst all these we have our first Koreans (5) and Chinese (2).


Now perhaps the part you would not like to know about, (hah) is that with so many candidates, our running cost is sky-rocketing. Thanks to the farm of St. Bernard, we are able to feed these hungry mouths from the produce … to a certain degree. After the fury of church construction, and with this growing number, our faithful car lost its faith … it died! I have had to take the decision to buy a new one …. Without money. Sometimes we do miracles, sometimes we simply end up in debt! I would like to affirm the first, but alas, I must confess the second. Perhaps you could be part of the first (miracle) so that I can pay it all back!!?? See the picture below. Can you? We would be most grateful.

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