Statistics of the Catholic Church: a clear regression in Europe

Source: FSSPX News


On October 24, 2005, Fides Agency published the statistics of the Catholic Church as of December 2003. The percentage of Catholics in the world has increased by 0.3% in one year, thus making up 17.23% of the world population. The only diminution, like the preceding year, was registered in Europe with –214,000 faithful (-0.31%).

The number of priests increased by 392 in the world, thus reaching a total of 405,450. It increased most in Africa (+1,145) and in Asia (+1,010); in Europe it went down by 1,897.

The number of permanent deacons increased by 1,427 to a total of 31,524 in the world with +1,075 in America and +336 in Europe. The number of major seminarians both diocesan and religious has diminished by 826 for a total of 112,373 candidates in the world. Minor seminarians both diocesan and religious have also diminished by 1,411 for a total of 98,372.