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This Lenten season invites us to make a special effort to read Catholic literature.The Angelus Press has recently published an English translation of The Liturgical Movement, by Rev. Didier Bonneterre, a French SSPX priest

Certainly, historically Dom Guéranger and Pope Saint Pius X are truly at the origin of the Liturgical Movement, that is, "the renewal of fervor for the liturgy among the clergy and the faithful." But it is a false and pernicious claim that there has been a "homogenous development" in the Movement begun by them resulting in the New Order of Mass!

This deception cannot be accepted. That is why this book was written. The Novus Ordo derived from the thought of Dom Guéranger and Pope Saint Pius X?! No way!

The Liturgical Movement is a fast-reading book on the history of the Liturgical Movement of the last century.

*How was it diverted from its course?

*Who made up the brain-trust which led its early deviation?

*What was the principal error of these liturgical radicals?

*In the end, who hijacked the Movement to propagandize for Vatican II and a New Mass?

Find out who were the major players hounding the Popes of the era: Beauduin, Bea, Parsch, Guardini, Casel, Jungmann, Lercaro, Botte, Reinhold, Winzen, Congar, Harscouet, (Gaspar) Lefebvre, Danielou, Fischer, Bugnini, Nocent, Bouyer, Thurian, Gy, etc.

The Liturgical Movement shows how since before Vatican II, the New Mass had already been conceived –the poisoned fruit of the perversions of the Liturgical Movement. How did the magnificent first-fruits of this great enterprise, which could have brought so much good to the Church, go so awfully bad?

Far from being negative, The Liturgical Movement helps us to know what to reject and what we must carefully conserve of the Liturgical Movement, above all for those who work for the maintenance of the Catholic Liturgy as heirs and successors of the work of Dom Gueranger and Pope Saint Pius X.

STK# 7071 Color softcover, photographs, index. AP Publication. 148pp. $9.95

In the Documents, we give Fr. J.T. Pfeiffer’s review on The Liturgical Movement

The Angelus Press also offers Catholic books on various topics :

Religious Liberty Questioned by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

We are forced to choose. Naturally, in our time of liberalism many people cannot understand that we can defend opinions that can seem "outdated," "antiquated," "mediaeval," etc. But the doctrine of the Church is the doctrine of the Church. When the Popes condemned liberty of thought, liberty of conscience, liberty of religions, they explained why they condemned them. Leo XIII wrote long encyclicals on the subject. One only has to read them [to understand the reasons for these condemnations]; the same applies for Pope Pius IX and Pope Gregory XVI.

Again, all of this is based on the Church’s fundamental principles, on the fact that the Church is truth, the only truth. This is the way it is; you either believe it or you don’t, of course, but when you believe, then you have to draw the consequences. That is why, personally, I do not believe that the declarations of the Council on liberty of conscience, liberty of thought, and liberty of religion can be compatible with what the popes taught in the past. Therefore we have to choose. Either we choose what the popes have taught for centuries and we choose the Church or we choose what was said by the Council. But we cannot choose both at the same time since they are contradictory. (Archbishop Lefebvre, Religious Liberty Questioned)

Archbishop Lefebvre was one of about 70 Council Fathers (including Cardinals Ottaviani, Browne, and Ruffini) who opposed the declaration on religious liberty to the end. As time passed and Archbishop Lefebvre realized more and more the odious implications of this declaration, he became more outspoken and was invited by Cardinal Ratzinger, the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, to submit a dubia or an official statement concerning his opposition to the declaration. This he did, and this is the work we put before you under the title Religious Liberty Questioned.

Archbishop Lefebvre and Bishop Tissier de Mallerais meticulously explore the question of religious liberty and give a crystal clear picture of what the Church has always taught, what the Second Vatican Council taught, and how they are contradictory. You, too, will be faced with a choice. And choose we must.

178pp. Color softcover, STK# 7060 $9.95

The Devil’s Final Battle

Fr. Paul Kramer

The answer for our times! What really is happening in the Catholic Church? Who and what are behind it? What consequences have befallen the Catholic Church for not obeying the Fatima Message? This book affects you, your family, and your salvation.


"Never before have so many issues been presented in such a cohesive manner. From the papal warnings against liberalism and modernism to the new attitudes and tactics employed at Vatican II; from the detailed Masonic plans to subvert the Church to the admissions of seminary infiltration given by former Communists; from the philosophies that dominated the Catholic revolution in the 1960’s to the clerical homosexual scandals today; from the failure to release the Third Secret at the requested time to the Fatima revisionist propaganda campaign, this book ties it all together." Peter Miller, Editor, Seattle Catholic

* "Every Catholic who loves Holy Mother Church and who has suffered with Her in recent decades must read this book which offers a clear but alarming vision of where we are, how we got there, and where we are going." David Allen White, Ph.D., Professor of English, US Naval Academy

278pp., color softcover, STK# 7075. $14.95

Action by Jean Ousset

Originally published in the French review Permanences, this work is truly a manual for the modern Social Catholic. It fills a critical void because it does not discuss doctrine per se, i.e., what that Catholic social vision is, but rather it discusses how that doctrine may be implemented and furthered by each and every Catholic in his respective milieu.

272pp, color softcover. STK# 7070. $16.95

Utopia of Usurers by G.K. Chesterton

A collection of over two dozen of Chesterton’s most readable essays on what Capitalism is, and how bad it is, in both precise and readable terms. He cuts to the core, and tears away polite illusions and pathetic excuses, demonstrating that modern Capitalism stands condemned not only by the Catholic Faith but by every sane view of the world. Not for the ideologically squeamish.

133pp, softcover, STK# 7074. $11.95

An Essay on the Restoration of Property by Hilaire Belloc

Belloc’s Distributist masterpiece wherein he outlines what a Distributist society looks like, how it may be brought about under modern conditions, and what it takes to maintain it. Belloc examines what it was that destroyed the widespread ownership of real wealth and property that characterized the last 1500 years of Western history, and what safeguards and customs were destroyed in order to make way for the unprecedented concentration of wealth; in Communist or Capitalist hands.

104pp, color softcover. STK# 7069. $8.95

The Holy Bible

(Douay-Rheims version)

Even after all of the modern "revisions" of the Bible that are now available to Catholics, the Douay-Rheims version (the only Catholic English Bible in use for almost 400 years), is still the very best ever produced.

This is a beautiful imitation leather hardbound edition, which fills the great need for a small (6" x 9") good quality hardbound Douay-Rheims Bible which has not been available anywhere for several years. It is a perfect gift for Christmas, First Communions, Confirmations, weddings, birthdays, etc. and is also great for those who want a portable Bible which is legible, durable, and handsome.

*Size: 6" x 9" x 11&Mac2182"

*Hardbound Smythe-sewn binding with imitation leather cover

*Gold embossed title and decoration on spine and cover

*Top quality Bible paper



*32 illustrations

*Family Register pages

*Papal Encyclical at front

*Sharp, clear, and readable text

*Gold and red satin ribbon page markers

392 pp. 6" x 9" Gold embossed Hardcover. Maps, index, illustrations. Ribbons. STK# ????. $44.95

Finally, here is a selection of good novels by Msgr. R.H. Benson. Hours of exciting reading…

By What Authority?

Robert Hugh Benson

Travel across the English countryside hunting for priests; then find yourself in the Queen’s court.

During the Protestant Reformation, Catholics suffered terribly —families were divided; people jailed; priests were hunted down and killed; neighbor turned against neighbor. But through it all, the few priests that remained were able to sustain and convert many.

The tale told in this book is one of suspense, deceit, loyalty, martyrdom, truth and conversion.

15 yrs and up. Case bound hard cover.

STK# 7076. $20.00

Come Rack! Come Rope!

Robert Hugh Benson

A time when priests traveled in disguise and had to be hid by the faithful. Families heard Mass and received the Sacraments in secret —but a traitor in the midst could mean capture, torture and death for the undercover priest. Provides vivid descriptions and profound insights to the persecutions of Catholics during the age of the English Protestant Reformation.

16 yrs and up. Case bound hard cover.

STK# 7077. $20.00 (illustrated)

Dawn of All

Robert Hugh Benson

A novel in which an apostate priest (on his deathbed) slips into a coma and is given the grace to see the world in a different light; a world in which Christ reigns Supreme. Through this revelation, he discovers the abundant errors of Modernism —the very errors that had led him from the Catholic Faith.

A stunning blueprint for the Social Kingship of Christ. A must read for our times.

16 yrs and up. Case bound hard cover.

STK# 7078. $18.00


Robert Hugh Benson

Who was young Sir Neville Fanning? Why did he call himself a Catholic, and at the same time, lament that he wasn’t a very good one? He was convinced that there was some-thing deeper than conventional religion.

Denying the cross again and again, he couldn’t bear to suffer–even though at every turn Our Lord called him to Himself. He simply could not see the point in submitting to the Divine Will. His "initiation" is a beautiful story of how the surrender was asked —and then won in the end!

16 yrs and up. Case bound hard cover.

STK# 7079. $17.00

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