The Strong Heart of Mary

Source: FSSPX News

Le couronnement de la Vierge par Fra Angelico

We must fight, my son, for God and for the King! Repeated the Vendeans and the Chouans.

As the enemy hordes never stop besieging us, attacking our faith, our culture, our lives, our families, and above all the Presence of Our Lord on our altars, let us look our Queen and let us listen to the powerful rhythm of her powerful Heart. Yes, her Immaculate Heart was forged by God and it is in this inferno that we must immerse our own in order to be able to fight and obtain victory from God!

From this Heart, all human love is consumed and transformed into a divine love, which has no other object than God alone.

All hatred, human and natural, in the eyes of any creature whatsoever, is destroyed there and transformed into a supernatural and divine hatred of sin and all that leads to sin.

Any desire for anything is annihilated there, and converted into a very simple and very pure desire to accomplish the divine Will in everything and everywhere.

All aversion to mortifications, deprivation of the conveniences of present life, contempt and humiliation coming from creatures, is destroyed there. Like a grinding wheel crushing grain, the Heart of Mary transforms all this into a holy aversion, into a careful flight from all occasions displeasing to God.

In this Heart, all vain joy of the decaying and perishable things of this world, all joy coming from success which conforms to human inclinations, are dead and transformed into a holy joy of all that is according to the good pleasure of God.

All sorrow proceeding from things which are contrary to nature and to the senses, is stifled there and changed into a sorrow of reparation for offenses against God.

All hope and pretension of the riches, pleasures, and honors of the earth, and all confidence in oneself or in something created, is there entirely extinguished and transformed into a sole hope for eternal goods, and into a sole trust in the divine Goodness.

All mistrust of the power of God, of His goodness, of the truth of His words and of the fidelity of His promises, is totally destroyed there and transformed into a great mistrust of oneself and of all that is not God.

This virile Heart refuses all anger and indignation with regard to any creature whatsoever, and for any subject whatsoever. These irascible movements are completely extinguished there and transformed into a very just and divine anger against all kinds of sin, which puts the Immaculate in the disposition to be sacrificed a thousand times in order to annihilate the least of all sins, if such is the good pleasure of God.

Thus this great and noble Heart of Mary sacrifices and burns all its passions, inclinations and feelings of love, of hate, of desire, of flight or aversion, of joy, of sadness, of hope, of distrust, of boldness , of fear, and of anger.

May this virile Heart become ours and may it transform us into it in order to be perfect as our Heavenly Father is perfect!