Subversion through "gender theory"

Source: FSSPX News

The director of the Institute for Intercultural Dialogue Dynamics and specialist of the “new, postmodern ethic” and of “global governance”, denounces "gender theory".

Marguerite A. Peeters made this denounciation in an article published March 3, 2013, by L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican’s daily newspaper.

Peeters, a Belgian-American, aims to debunk three myths of the gender revolution. She writes that it is a “revolution carried out by the subversion of gender,” which, she claims, originates both from a homosexual plan and a “radical feminism.” Their common element is that both regard fundamental anthropological givens—the identity of a man and of a woman, their complementarity, the vocation to matrimony, marriage, the family, paternity and maternity, etc.—as so many “social constructs, or stereotypes, that are discriminatory and opposed to equality and civil rights, especially for women and homosexuals.” These “stereotypes” must therefore be systematically destroyed and the human person deconstructed through education, culture and law to produce a “new, liberated humanity.”

Secondly, she states that gender theory does not merely number a few populations or government majorities in its support, as in France with the law of “Marriage for all”. On the contrary, ever since it became a universal political standard for the UN in 1995, it has become “one of the transversal priorities of world government,” which “affects us all.” The conference of Pekin in 1995 has effectively turned gender theory into a world standard of politics and culture. Gender equality has become a priority of international cooperators. 

Lastly, gender theory was not born yesterday, Peeters specifies. Its context is a long process of Western cultural revolution originating in the 18th century, and its ideological theory was developed in the 1950s. She adds, “The death-dealing wave of a tsunami is only noticed once it arrives near the coast.” With regard to her work La mondialisation de la révolution culturelle occidentale : concepts-clefs, mécanismes opérationnels [The globalization of the Western cultural revolution: key concepts and operational mechanisms], Margeurite A. Peeters answered Zenit’s questions in March 2008:

Like all postmodern concepts, gender theory operates according to a double deconstruction: on the one hand that of God’s plan, and on the other hand that of the abuses of modernity.” The author specifies that “the most concerning aspect of the global cultural revolution and of the social engineering that it carries out at lightning speed is its direct relation with apostasy.

In response there can be only one, urgent, response: preaching Christ, the Gospel and the social doctrine of the Church, she adds.

Margeurite A. Peeters founded the Institute for Intercultural Dialogue Dynamics in Brussels, Belgium, which specializes in the study of globalization, its key concepts and its operational mechanisms. She is also the author of Le gender, une norme mondiale ? Outil de discernement [Gender theory, a world standard? Discernment tool], Mame, 2013, and she was named a member of the consultants to the Pontifical Council for Culture by Benedict XVI, December 9, 2011.