Support of the pope for the doctrine of St. Thomas Aquinas

Source: FSSPX News


In a message addressed to the participants of an international congress in Rome on September 29, “Christian humanism in the third millennium”, the pope stressed that the philosopher and theologian of the XIII century pointed in the “right direction” for men of today. This meeting was organized by the Pontifical Academy of St. Thomas and the International Society of St. Thomas Aquinas, under the patronage of Cardinal Paul Poupard, president of the Pontifical Council for Culture.

John Paul II analyzed in particular “the factors which constituted obstacles on the path of humanism”. Among the most recurrent, he especially mentioned “loss of confidence in reason and in its metaphysical capacity, the denial of transcendence, nihilism, relativism, the denial of the value of human intelligence in the search for truth, the losing sight of being, the negation of the soul, the primacy of irrationality or feelings, fear of the future, as well as existential anguish.”

In the face of these “very serious” challenges for the human race, the pope insisted that the thinking of St. Thomas Aquinas could “offer essential elements for a valid answer, with his unshakeable confidence in reason”. For the pope, the world today has need of “masters and witnesses capable of showing us the right way to a world more worthy of man.” – One cannot help wondering if St. Thomas’ idea of human dignity was the same as that of the last Council?