Swiss Member of Parliament Wants to Monitor the Rise of Fribourg’s Mosques

Source: FSSPX News

The Swiss Parliament Building

The rise of Islam and its radical elements throughout Switzerland has at least one MP calling for official oversight of mosques and imams.

Christian Ducotterd, a Christian Democrat member of parliament from Fribourg, officially requested a report from the canton’s government on monitoring of mosques and imams on March 16, 2017.

According to website on March 16, 2017, Ducotterd was concerned about the risk of intolerant speeches from imams calling for violence. He condemned the fact that “legislation and our values are totally disregarded” and


...women are the first victims of the interpretation made of the Koran. While we speak every day of equality between men and women, unacceptable practices are tolerated in some communities.

According to Ducotterd, “the loss of trust in Islam is undeniable,” and “only the establishment of means to avoid any falling-away will rebuild this trust.” Among the means mentioned is the training of imams, which is also a concern in Switzerland.

Reaction of the Swiss Federal Government:

On the national level, the federal Council will, in the coming months, have to draft a report intended to govern the training of imams, following a request known as a “postulate” from the Swiss Evangelical Party to “find ways to fight the radicalization of young people.” According to Swiss news site ArcInfo on March 15, 2017, “the idea is to prevent any Islamic proselytism,” and “to take advantage of the part imams can play in helping young people in Moslem communities to integrate into society at large.” The final goal is to propose a “training regulated by the State” and thus to avoid any “jihadist indoctrination.”

The “postulate” was passed: 90 votes for, 87 against, and two abstentions. Only the conservative Democratic Union of the Centre opposed it; one of its members, Yvette Estermann, thought that “Switzerland has already done enough for tolerance.”

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