Switzerland and United States: 16 women “ordained” on June 24th and July 31st

Source: FSSPX News


The associations “Women and Men in the Church” and “Gender in Christianity” announced in a communiqué dated June 21st: “Four Catholic women will be ordained priests or deacons destined for the priesthood, on Lake Constance, in Switzerland on June 24. Twelve other ordinations are scheduled in Pittsburg, USA on July 31st.”

“I will be the first Catholic priestess in Switzerland”, declared Monika Wyss, in the June 18 edition of NZZ am Sonntag. The same newspaper reports the words of Mario Galgano, spokesman for the Swiss Bishops Conference: “Ordination of women is not possible”, and “Monika Wyss must expect to be excommunicated”.

In spite of the interdiction from the Vatican, the ceremony took place on board a ship sailing on Lake Constance between Germany and Switzerland on Saturday, June 24. Monika Wyss, a divorcee and mother of four, Regina Nicolosi, a German woman living in the United States, and Jane Via, from Central America, were “ordained priests” by three women “bishops”.

Monika Wyss declared that the priesthood was the aim of her life – convinced as she is that without women the Church will decline – but she specified that her ordination was in no wise an act of rebellion against the Church; for these women “priests”, who minister in “virtual dioceses”, consider that the interdiction of women’s ordination constitutes an “error on the part of the Church, and is not a rule made by Christ”.