Switzerland: Archbishop Lefebvre’s sermons on the vocation of religious brothers

Source: FSSPX News

The recording service at the seminary of Ecône is offering a previously unreleased set of CDs on the vocation of the spirituality of the Brothers of the Society of St. Pius X. The set contains selections from sermons from Abp. Marcel Lefebvre and is entitled Au service du sacerdoce de Notre-Seigneur Jésus-Christ [In the service of the priesthood of Our Lord Jesus Christ]. It will be available beginning April 21, 2014.

Bishop Bernard Fellay presents these recording in the following words:

“Archbishop Lefebvre’s intention in founding the Society of St. Pius X was to restore the Catholic priesthood and all that depends on it. When the priest carries out the perfect sacrifice at the altar of all graces, he is the ultimate religious of God, because he carries out the most important act of the virtue of religion.

“ ‘And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all things to myself.’ (John 12:32) The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the focal point of our holy religion. It has always fascinated and attracted souls of good will, especially those desirous of consecrating themselves to the service of God alone. In the sacrifice of the Cross, God Incarnate wished to give us a perfect example of obedience; He offered Himself in His virginal flesh and taught us to scorn all the goods of this earth. The three vows of religion are founded on Jesus crucified, on the divine Victim immolated on our altars, a model of all perfection.

“For this reason the foundation of Ecône almost immediately inspired the enthusiasm of souls desirous of devoting themselves to the service of priests. So the brothers of the Society of St. Pius X live their religious consecration ‘in a spirit of consecration to the priesthood of Our Lord which continues in His ministers and on the altar’ (Statutes of the Brothers, 9). May these teachings of Archbishop Lefebvre make this vocation better known and nourish all those who live it, in joy, humility and fidelity to Our Lord Jesus Christ.”

2 CD set: 15 € or 8.5 CHF + shipping

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(Source : FSSPX—Ecône – DICI n°294, 11/04/14)