Switzerland: Bern in favor of minarets

Source: FSSPX News


In its session of September 5, the council of the canton of Bern rejected a proposal to modify the cantonal law on the construction of mosques, by 89 votes to 42 with 13 abstentions. The motion demanded the banning of the construction of minarets.

 Thomas Fuchs, a UDC delegate who proposed the motion, had stated that minarets were a symbol of conquest and embodied the claim to be the only true religion as it concerned a “religious edifice which said ‘no’ to tolerance” and which would “tend towards the “islamization of the population.” Alfred Schneiter (UDF) had described minarets as “an incitement to extremism”.

 The UDC and UDF congressmen stressed that this initiative was aimed at preserving Western Christian culture and did not contradict the principle of religious liberty. These fundamental rights come directly from the Christian tradition, claimed the UDF.

 The majority of politicians did not follow this line of reasoning and rejected Fuchs’ motion “which aimed wide of the mark” (Christian Vaquin, Independent), “which would stir up fear,” (Nadine Masshardt, Socialist), which was “poison for religious harmony” (Anna Coninx, Green) and even something “which harks back to the Crusades.” (Markus Grossen, PEV).

(Sources: Apic/ Le Quotidien Jurassien)