Switzerland: Between 25,000 and 30,000 “leave” the Catholic church in 2010

Source: FSSPX News

Between 25,000 and 30,000 people left the Catholic Church in 2010 in Switzerland according to estimates published by the press agency Apic.  The Secretary General of the Roman Catholic Central Conference (RKZ), Daniel Kosch, interviewed upon the publication of these figures on February 11 last, stated that “people primarily want to turn their backs on the Church as an institution,” because “they no longer have any living links with it and they no longer live in a milieu with people for whom it retains great significance.”

It seems however that the numbers of the faithful of the Catholic Church in Switzerland have not fallen and in some cantons have even increased thanks to immigration.  But, as the head of the association of cantonal ecclesiastical organizations pointed out, “this should not be taken as a consolation.”  Daniel Kosch hopes that “all those who influence and form the Church—and not only the bishops, priests and other pastoral agents—but all of us” try to make the Church “a place of experience where a community lives, where one can experiment with meaning and confront the pertinent questions, where hope can be found and where misery decreases.” –meaning, pertinent questions, more hope and less misery…  for all that a priest is not necessarily needed, social assistance and psychological support are quite enough. And so the vocations crisis is resolved. Through emptiness. (Source: Apic - DICI n ° 231 11/03/05)