Switzerland: Bishop Huonder receives members of “Enough!” antiestablishment group

Source: FSSPX News

Bp. Vitus Huonder of Switzerland

On November 10, 2014, Bp. Vitus Huonder received members of ultra-progressive group [Enough!] who have been calling for his resignation.

 The group declares itself opposed to the doctrine of the Church. Its members say that their claims have been “clearly expressed in an environment of respect”.

In a news release quoted by news agency Apic on November 11th, they stated their demands for “access to the priesthood for women, the suppression of mandatory celibacy for the priesthood, or reform of Catholic sexual morality.” According to them, “a major effort will be necessary in the future to maintain the credibility of the Church (sic).”

In an online news release published on the diocese’s website, the bishop of Coire (eastern Switzerland) stated that “the episcopacy’s task is to preach the Faith in its integrity,” without “adapting it to the times or toning it down” to suit the “wishes of a minority.” Bishop Huonder emphasized the “incompatibility” between this group and the “doctrinal principles of the Catholic faith.”

On March 9th, Es reicht! held a demonstration at St. Gallen attended by approximately 2000 people (see DICI no. 292, 14/03/14) to call for the dismissal of the bishop of Coire. A delegation of this group of antiestablishment groups had even been received by the Praesidium of the Swiss Bishops’ Conference on September 1st and a joint news release waxed eloquent on “many faithful and pastoral agents shaken and concerned, afraid, disappointed or resigned,” and announced  the meeting with Bishop Huonder.

Their protests began in January 2014 on the pretext that Bishop Huonder had issued a message in which he instructed the divorced and remarried, as well as other people in irregular situations, to cross their arms at Communion instead of receiving. The real scandal here is the warmth with which the president of the Swiss Bishops’ Conference, Bishop Markus Bücher, the progressive bishop of St. Gallen, received the recriminations of these protestors calling for the head of one of his confreres in the episcopate!

It seems that in conciliar collegiality all bishops are equal, but some are more equal than others.