Switzerland: Bishop of Sion faces up to the vocations crisis in Valais

Source: FSSPX News


On the 10th anniversary of his episcopacy, Bishop Norbert Brunner had asked that as many of his diocesans as possible join him in Sion for the occasion, which was also a day of prayer for priestly vocations. Thus around a hundred priests, deacons and seminarians, and close to 1,200 faithful, coming from all over the diocese, participated in the Mass presided over by Bishop Brunner on Sunday June 5.

In his sermon, the Bishop of Sion imparted to all his great concern over the lack of priestly vocations. The day of prayer was aimed at awakening the conscience of Catholics to the necessity of asking the Lord for laborers in his harvest.

Since 1978, 147 diocesan priests have died, and only 53 have been ordained. And there will be no priestly ordination for the diocese of Sion this year. Another cause of sorrow for Bishop Brunner is the 12 priests who have given up the priesthood since 1978. "Was it that God did not want to hear our prayers?" exclaimed the Bishop of Sion. "Some give a positive answer to this question, for God, so they say, wants to give us a sign with this lack of vocations."

In answer to the question posed by Le Nouvelliste du Valais of June 3: "Does the issue of married priests still seem to be taboo in your Church?" Bishop Brunner replied: "No. It has already been discussed in Rome. If the Church is not yet far advanced enough for this solution, internal debate must be continued."