Switzerland: Bishop of St. Gallen against "Redemptionis sacramentum"

Source: FSSPX News


According to him, it is merely an instruction, not a papal document, and does not establish a new law, but spells out the methods of application of the existing law. Bishop Fürer spoke, among other things, of the article concerning the interdiction of preaching by the laity, an article which is difficult to apply, and not only for his diocese. Lay theologians, both men and women will be allowed to continue to preach during offices (see also the declaration of the dean of Zug in our Documents section, to be published next week).

The peculiar form of obedience shown by the bishop of St. Gallen is somewhat reminiscent of the attitude of Mgr. Peter Henrici, auxiliary bishop of Zurich, who on the eve of his retirement last June, declared unashamedly: “This year, during the celebration of Palm Sunday, I said exactly what is in the document Ecclesia de Eucharistia, which was published four days later, on Holy Thursday. And I was not yet aware of its contents. Many Protestants take communion in my church every Sunday, in particular during Confirmation celebrations. I do not make any fuss about this, and I believe that Jesus has nothing against it”. (sic)

But this incoherence does not rob Mgr. Henrici entirely of his lucidity; on the subject of the crisis of vocations, he acknowledged: “The current lack corresponds to the ‘hole’ resulting from the Council, and which started towards the end of the 1960s.” But at the same time, he announced with a smug optimism: “If we go forward with the times and stay attentive, vocations to the priesthood will pick up.”