Switzerland: The Crucifix authorized in hallways, not in classrooms

Source: FSSPX News

In the canton of Tessin, in the south of Switzerland, the State Council rejected, during its reunion on June 22, 2011, the appeal that wanted to forbid the exposition of a crucifix in the hallways of the schools of Cadro.  This decision was much expected ever since the federal Tribunal of Lausanne had corrected local authorities who were likewise forbidding the exposition of the crucifix within the establishment.

In the local newspaper Il Giornale del Popolo, dated June 24, ex-judge of the federal Tribunal Emilio Catenazzi claimed to be in favor of this decision.  “The first sentence referred solely and uniquely to teaching rooms.  On the contrary, it is different if the crucifix is exposed on another wall of the building: hallways, refectories or other rooms(...).  The town council of Cadro's attitude is not at all contrary to the law.  It respects the decision of the Tribunal (of Lausanne).”

In 2010, at the request of the parish Council of Cadro, the president of the commune had decided to put the crucifix back in a hallway of the school.  A teacher opposed this and brought the matter before the highest judicial courts.  It is on this appeal that the government made its decision, siding with the town council. (source: apic – DICI#238, July 16, 2011)

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