Switzerland. The effects of the vocation crisis

Source: FSSPX News


The paucity of workers in the Lord’s vineyard is a common state of affairs today. After having recalled the crisis of vocations in France and Germany, we give a comparable example of the situation in Switzerland. According to a study of Fr. Max Hofer, regional dean of Lucerne, in 2012, only one parish out of three will still have a resident priest in this canton. Compared to France, this is still a relatively comfortable situation, but we must not forget that only a short while ago, Switzerland could still claim one priest per parish. The phenomenon of emptying rectories is thus going to accelerate rather brutally to arrive, in about fifteen years, at a Church of lay people run by lay people – like the Reformed church.

"Max Hofer emphasizes that two decades ago, only priests carried the responsibility of the parish for the Eucharist still played a central role in the community. But all that has changed, affirmed the regional dean. The administrative responsibilities, as well as social works and communication have become very important, while the domain of the liturgy has constantly diminished, as has the number of faithful at mass”. (APIC)

The solution proposed by the dean is the ordination of married men. “But to accomplish this step, we need the approval of Rome”, he underscored. Between now and then, the Church will be constrained to adopt temporary solutions.

The perspectives of a Church which has a more or less Protestant structure are becoming increasingly evident. The crisis in vocations is leading to a de facto situation which gives the upper hand to progressive and ecumenical currents in the Church. Faced with this unavoidable turn of events, a St. Pius X would be needed, who would react by deeds more than by ambiguous encyclicals.