Switzerland: The General Council of Fribourg Keeps Its Crucifix

Source: FSSPX News

The crucifix will not disappear from the room of Fribourg's General Council, the city's Parliament.  With a tally of 31 votes to 18 and 12 abstentions, the Council rejected the motion of the Green member elected, Rainer Weibel.  This latter, along with five others cosigned, requested the introduction into the regulations of the General Council of a new disposition ruling that the General Council would meet in a politically and confessionally neutral session room, free of religious or political signs or symbols.

For Antoinette de Weck, elected deputy in the Fribourg General Council in 2006 and President of the Council of Magistrates since 2007, such a regulation “would trample underfoot the sentiments of believers”.  A withdrawal of religious symbols would constitute a restriction of freedom of speech and of belief, according to Christian inspired parties.

In the room in which the General Council's sessions are held, above the door and in view of all, is the sentence: “Be good, God sees you.” (Sources: apic/villefribourg – DICI #232, March 19, 2011)

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