Switzerland: Hindus will be able to scatter the ashes of their deceased in Lucerne

Source: FSSPX News

The municipality of Lucerne published a press release on June 11 announcing the new arrangement granted to the Hindus of the city.  From now on a burial place will be available to them on the bank of the River Reuss in Lucerne where they will be able to scatter the ashes of their deceased in the river, as their custom demands.

“We expect five to ten funerals per year,” Pastor Beat Hänni explained to the Swiss news agency ATS, confirming an article from June 2 issue of the daily Neue Luzerner Zeitung.  The pastor, who is in charge of the parish house Myconius, on the bank of the Reuss, noted that “this burial place on the Reuss is our contribution to integration.”

Indeed, it is foreseen that the Hindus of Lucerne can celebrate their farewells to their deceased in a room in Myconius House  before scattering their ashes in the river.  A majority of the Hindus of Switzerland are Tamils, having fled Sri Lanka during the war.  Soon many will have been in Switzerland for more than thirty years and wish to be interred there, the pastor continued.

The site of the burial place, on the bank of the Reuss, will have to be utilized mainly by the Hindus living in Lucerne, declared Urs W. Studer, the mayor of the city.  The cremation will take place in Lucerne in the Friedental crematorium.  Presently almost 40,000 Hindus are said to be living in Switzerland.  According to Pastor Hänni, Lucerne is the first commune in Switzerland to assign a public place to the Tamil community for its funerals.  (Sources : apic/ats/sda – DICI no. 258 dated July 20, 2012)