Switzerland: Muslim converts in hiding

Source: FSSPX News


The Federal Immigration Office at Bern grants, in certain cases, political asylum to Muslims who have converted to Christianity, without, however, revealing the confession of the converts. Political asylum is granted when the person is subject to discrimination or persecution in his country of origin because of his conversion. In order to remove all possible doubt, the Federal Immigration Office inquires about the veracity of the conversion at the Church to which the convert belongs. Generally the converts belong to the Church present in their country of origin: the Coptic Church in Egypt, the Armenian Church in Syria…

However, the Catholic Church in Switzerland publishes neither statistics nor precise information on the conversions of Muslims, likewise the Commission of the Swiss Bishops Conference for immigrants, or Caritas Suisse which give aid and support to converts in exile… For Muslims who convert to another religion commit “apostasy”, very severely sanctioned by Islamic law. Considered one of the highest forms of treason against the State and society, apostasy is punishable by death when Sharia is in force in that country.

 The International Organization for Human Rights in Frankfurt has carried out research into “mysterious suicides and “domestic accidents” of Muslim converts. The death has occurred in all cases after the announcement of their conversion to members of their family. Ibrahim says: “Without Caritas, it is not possible to survive in Switzerland.” Living in Switzerland for one year with his wife, he will not reveal the couples who are friends by giving their names. Likewise, if his wife had been convinced by Christ, he would not tell of her conversion. They have both been the object of legal proceedings in their country and have escaped imprisonment. Provided that the organizations who have helped them continue to do so with other converts, he will keep silent.