Switzerland: Poster campaign for anti-minaret initiative

Source: FSSPX News

Switzerland is shortly to organize a national referendum on the construction of mosques on Swiss territory. The organizers of the anti-minaret initiative have made their choice for their poster campaign for the vote on November 29, reports the SonntagsBlick of September 20. From October, their posters will show a veiled woman and seven minarets rising like missiles from the Swiss flag, with the words “Stop. Oui pour l’interdiction des minarets” (Stop. Yes to the banning of minarets) “Islamization is becoming more and more of a threat, and we want to protect ourselves against it,” said Walter Wobman, a member of the Swiss National Council of the UDC (Union of the Center Democratic Party) and president of the Committee of the popular federal initiative against the construction of minarets.
Farhad Afshar, president of the coordination of Islamic organizations of Switzerland, considers this poster campaign “islamophobic”. It incites fear. According to him, we can expect negative reactions from the Muslim world. “People will react with incomprehension when they see these posters, because they have a high opinion of Switzerland,” he stated. Swiss Muslims will not be keen on active involvement in this campaign, as they feel that the anti-minaret initiative “does not attack Islam, but constitutes a compromise of the right to religious liberty guaranteed by the Constitution,” added Farhad Afshar. Such a vote therefore touches all religions. At the beginning of September, the Swiss Council of Religions, which includes representatives of the main Christian confessions as well as Muslim and Jewish communities of Switzerland, called for the rejection of this initiative.
(Sources: apic/SonntagsBlick/www.minarets.ch)