Switzerland : Society of Saint Pius X opposes Sunday work

Source: FSSPX News


On November 14, Fr. Henry Wuilloud, District Superior of Switzerland made his opinion known in a communiqué on the vote on November 27. A new law would allow the possibility of working on Sundays.

Fr. Wuilloud recalled that for nearly 2000 years, Sunday, the day of the Resurrection of Christ, is the one which Christians consecrate to Our Lord. “If God liberates man from Sunday work, it is above all to allow him to devote himself in complete tranquility, to his religious duty, among which assistance at Mass takes first place. To extend the possibility of working on Sundays, is to deprive many people of indispensable time for prayer and reflection”. Because, “six days for buying and consuming are more than enough. An entire day for honoring one’s creator and allowing one’s soul to breathe again, is imperative”. “Therefore it is a resolute no which is needed in order to oppose the new law”. Quoting the passage from the book of Exodus, he added : “Six days you shall do work: the seventh day shall be holy unto you, the Sabbath, and the rest of the Lord. Because in six days God created the Heavens and the Earth, and on the seventh day he rested from all His work”.

Moreover, “during the week, professional obligations force members of the family to spend the best part of their time separated from each other. The peaceful atmosphere of Sunday without work permits the whole family to be together cheerfully and in peace. Sunday rest is a very important factor for family unity. Because Sunday “must remain the Lord’s Day when individuals, families and society itself, stop and give themselves the time to render to God the worship due to him. It must also remain the day for the family and for rest. Sunday work therefore must continue to be the exception and to be envisaged only when a real necessity exists, as in the domain of care or public transport,” already anticipated under the current law.