Switzerland : The SSPX Initiates Legal Action Against Scandalous Cartoons

Source: FSSPX News

The Swiss cartoonist Mix-Remix, whose real name is Philippe Becquelin, drew several obscene cartoons attacking Christ or priests for the Internet site of the Infrarouge program of March 23, on Télévision Suisse Romande (TSR). The theme of the program was “Pedophile Priests: Celibacy’s Fault?”

The cartoons recently disappeared from the Infrarouge web site. In a letter dated 19 April addressed to Simon Spengler, executive secretary of the Commission for Communication and Media of the Swiss Bishops’ Conference, Christophe Chaudet, a staff assistant of the management for Programming of Radio Télévision Suisse thinks that “humoristic” art presupposes genuine freedom of expression, “which we do grant our artist…insofar as the limits of offensiveness or ‘bad taste’ are not crossed, of course.” He acknowledged that, for all that, concerning three drawings in particular--namely “Take and Drink…,” “A Bad Image for the Church,” and “Priests are…”--he had to admit their “needlessly offensive nature.” For which reason TSR pulled them from the Infrarouge web site.

On the vigil of Easter, Alain Barrillier, a lawyer for the TSR at Geneva, told Apic: “These cartoons have not provoked any reaction so far.” “We considered it to be satire, and thus tolerable. Satire comes under freedom of expression. It isn’t aimed at any religion; it isn’t against either Catholics or Protestants” [sic!], and he added that the program would have done the same had it involved Jews or Muslims! –No comment.

Fr. Henry Wuilloud, superior of the Swiss District of the SSPX, legitimately scandalized, is the only Swiss priest to have lodged a complaint with the cantonal examining magistrate of Vaud against the cartoonist Mix-Remix and against Télévision Suisse Romande for the reason that these cartoons, by attacking freedom of belief come under “religious discrimination,” and, more plainly, “the publication of pornographic material involving sexual acts with children.”

(Sources: FSSPS/Apic. DICI No. 214, May 8, 2010)