Switzerland: Sunday day of rest threatened

Source: FSSPX News


On November 27, 1,026,514 Swiss people voted for the revision of the law concerning work, against 1,003,494 “no” votes, in spite of a massive mobilization in favor of “no” on the part of the Church and the Unions. The French speaking cantons manifested their opposition indisputably. But seven cantons out of 26 said “yes”, expressing a …majority vote.

 Mario Galgano, spokesman of the Swiss Bishops Conference, declared that the revision of the law trampled underfoot God’s commandment which ordered rest on Sunday. The Swiss Bishops stressed the strong progression of the “no” vote within the population of the country. Christa Amstutz, coordinator of the Ecumenical Committee, lamented the result of the ballot. “Taking into account the colossal propaganda by the partisans of this liberalization,” she said, “this result shows that the population is against any extension of Sunday work. This must be taken into account in the future.”