Switzerland: The Swiss bishops face reduced revenue for the Catholic Church

Source: FSSPX News

Bishop Norbert Brunner.

The Conference of Swiss Bishops (CES), meeting in a regular assembly at the episcopal mansion of the Diocese of Saint Gall from December 5 to 7, 2011, mainly discussed its financing at the national level and at the level of the German-, French- and Italian-speaking regions.  Indeed, the Catholic Church in Switzerland must adapt today to dwindling material resources.

And so the bishops decided to reorganize the general secretariat of the CES and to consolidate various committees at its headquarters, thus assuring a reduction of costs and an improvement in the work of the commissions.  The bishops appointed a pilot committee to carry out the project:  Bishop Norbert Brunner, Bishop Felix Gmür, Bishop Martin Werlen, OSB, and the secretary general, Erwin Tanner.  Reto Krismer, administrative director of Einsiedeln Abbey, will act as counselor to this committee.  (Sources : apic/ces – DICI no. 248 dated January 13, 2012)

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