Switzerland: Towards a “council of religions”?

Source: FSSPX News


Jewish, Christian and Muslim representatives held a meeting in Bern on July 6. They convened to pursue interreligious dialogue. The creation of a “Council of religions” is being studied. The origins of this meeting go back to March 5, 2003, the date on which Jews, Christians and Muslims gathered together at the cathedral of Bern, before the start of the war in Iraq, for an interreligious celebration.

Together, they signed the Declaration “Reinforcing the bonds of peace – in Switzerland and in the world”. The same representatives who had signed this Declaration met again this July 6: Pastor Thomas Wipf, president of the Council of the Federation of Protestant Churches of Switzerland (FEPS); Mgr. Amédée Grab, bishop of Chur and president of the Swiss Bishops Conference (CES); Fritz-René Müller, bishop of the Catholic-Christian Church of Switzerland; professor Alfred Donath, president of the Swiss Federation of Israeli communities (FSCI) and the Farhad Afshar, president of the Coordination of Swiss Islamic Organizations (COIS).

It was unanimously decided to pursue together, the objectives formulated in March 2003. The discussion also concerned the proposal of the president of FEPS, Thomas Wipf, to create a “Council of Religions” which would serve as a platform for mutual understanding and as a contact for the affairs of the Swiss Federation. The next meeting has been planned for next autumn.