Taking of the Cassock in Germany – A Resounding Call from Bishop de Galarreta

Source: FSSPX News

On February 2 and 3, 2019, in Zaitzkofen (Germany), Bishop Alfonso de Galarreta presided over the ceremonies of the taking of the cassock and receiving the tonsure and first Minor Orders. Eleven young Levites received them, illustrating yet again the youth and vitality of the German seminary of the Society of Saint Pius X.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus Seminary in Zaitzkofen was buzzing with excitement on the morning of February 2, 2019: six first-year seminarians were receiving the cassock and five others the tonsure, and the first Minor Orders the next day.

The ceremonies of February 2 and 3 were presided over by the First General Assistant of the Society, Bishop Alfonso de Galarreta.

In his sermon for the cassock and tonsure ceremonies, the  bishop pointed out the deep reasons for the crisis the Church is currently living through, namely “the loss of the spirit of sacrifice, of which the black cassock is one of the most beautiful expressions of our times.”

The next day, during the Mass for the first Minor Orders, Bishop de Galarreta recalled the importance of the Society’s fight in the defense of Tradition amidst the general confusion in the Church.

The bishop spoke strongly of those German dioceses where intercommunion is now practiced with Protestants, with complete disregard for the Tradition of the Church, and he quoted the Cardinal-Archbishop of Utrecht (Netherlands), Cardinal Willem Jacobus Eijk, who denounced “an apostacy identical to that mentioned by the Apostle St. Paul.”

“Keep the memory of Archbishop Lefebvre and Bishop de Castro Meyer intact: they set for you the example of faithful witnesses to the Faith,” the First General Assistant exhorted the young Levites.

This year, a team of Austrian journalists who are producing a documentary on the Society were able to videotape the ceremony and conduct several interviews with priests, seminarians and their families: yet another contribution to manifesting the vigor of Tradition on German soil.