There is No "Homosexual Gene"

Source: FSSPX News

A large-scale study published in the American journal Science shows that genetics cannot scientifically justify sexual behavior: a result that invalidates the common belief that one could be born, or not, homosexual.

It seems long ago, when Elisabeth Badinter—extoller of a gender theory which hid its name then—tried to “deconstruct,” the masculine identity through an infamous essay! Especially since the publication, on August 29, 2019, of an article in the journal Science.

In the American weekly, Jocelyn Kaiser publishes the results of a large-scale study, the conclusion of which states that genetic markers cannot be used to predict sexual behavior. In other words, it is scientifically erroneous to say that a human being can be predestined to homosexuality by his DNA.

To reach this result, an international team led by geneticist Benjamin Neale of the Broad Institute of Cambridge used the UK Biobank to conduct a large-scale study of 500,000 Britons.

The researchers arrived at the conclusion that “genetics can explain between 8% and 25% of non-heterosexual behavior,” and within this, to a very small extent, homosexual behavior. The scientists say that most of these behaviors are due to “environmental influences” or “societal influences”; and one member of the Broad Institute of Cambridge concludes, “there is no single ‘gay gene.’” 

A blow for “gender” ideologues, and further for all those who—right to the heart of the hierarchy of the Church—believe they can excuse or justify sins against nature by relativizing the moral responsibility of those who give in to it