Three questions to Fr. de La Rocque about the diffusion of the DVD on the traditional Mass

Source: FSSPX News


What response have you had so far from the priests to whom you proposed the DVD on the Mass of all times?

In one month, over 500 diocesan priests have ordered the DVD. Several gave us their reactions. Apart from those who wish to obtain missals and vestments, many write to thank us. “Watching the film completely boosted my spirit”; or “Your film is truly wonderful.” Without doubt, there is an important movement in favor of the traditional Mass and it goes even further than the diocesan clergy. The DVD is circulated in several seminaries in France, discretely due to the circumstances. Seminarians share, under the seal of confidence, their real interrogations. “Various circumstances gradually led me to ask myself questions about the Novus Ordo and about the traditional liturgy. But pressure is severe: many clerics “do not dare.” For the present, I remain “underground.”

Can lay people give you the address of priests who are interested in the DVD?

Yes. We set up a system of sponsorship. Any lay person can send us the address of a priest whom he or she knows to be interested, together with the payment for the DVD (10€, French checks to be made out to La Lettre à nos Frères Prêtres. For payments outside of France, see below.) The priest will then receive the film with a letter giving him the name of his sponsor.

Is it true that you are considering a DVD on the Mass but destined this time for the laity? How can we help you?

Indeed a second project is underway, and in my opinion it is even more important than the first. Besides, several priests have already requested it. It is a second DVD to explain the symbolism of the prayers and gestures in the Mass. To know how to celebrate the Mass is one thing, but it is not all. The Mass must also be prayed, in other words, we must understand its liturgical scope. If the beauty of the rite, conveyed by the very beautiful images of the first DVD, provokes the admiration of many priests, only this second film will justify their convictions. This second DVD will obviously be available to all, priests or laity. I hope to be able to realize this project within the next year. But given the amount of money already invested, the main obstacle at present is financial. Consequently, I thank all those who could support this work with their donations.

Outside of France, donations may be sent by bank wire transfer to:

SCSPX Lettre à nos frères prêtres -IBAN : FR44 3000 2059 2200 0007 9352 T65